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#OBBigBang Orangeberry Big Bang – Ten Thousand New Year’s Eves by Dawn DeAnna Wilson


“Imagine this: It’s New Year’s Eve and you’re at a party, in a ballroom, standing beneath a crystal chandelier. At midnight, you look up. On each piece of cut crystal you see an image of someone else’s New Year’s Eve. In “Ten Thousand New Year’s Eves,” Dawn DeAnna Wilson shines a light through that chandelier, illuminating a handful of random (or are they?) characters, luring us in, drawing the lines, revealing a simple but powerful truth–we are all connected.”
—–Billie Hinton, author, “claire-obscure”

About the book

From award-winning North Carolina writer Dawn DeAnna Wilson (author of “Leaving the Comfort Cafe”) comes this novel of tangled lives desperately searching for a new beginning.

Mallory has a neurological condition which causes her to see certain letters in different colors and taste certain flavors whenever she hears sound. The condition is synesthesia, and researchers believe it may be caused by overlapping brain neurons…but try explaining that to her well-meaning but clueless friend Rochelle, who seems to be more concerned with rescuing animals.

Rochelle takes Mallory to New York City for New Year’s Eve to help Mallory forget about the man she has a crush on, and en route to city, their paths intersect other pilgrims seeking a new beginning. All of these characters are connected, yet very few realize the closeness and intensity with which their paths cross—sometimes with disastrous results.

The novel takes the reader from North Carolina to Atlanta to New York City, illustrating that all things are bound together in a web of life—all things connect. What we do to the web, we do to ourselves.

About the author

Dawn DeAnna Wilson is the author of two novels (now on Kindle), “Saint Jude” (Tudor Publishers) and “Leaving the Comfort Cafe” (Wild Rose Press) in addition to a short story collection “Welcome to Shangri-La, North Carolina.” She earned her master’s degree in creative writing and her bachelor’s degree in journalism. Her articles and short stories have appeared in “Byline,” “Writer’s Digest,” “Glass Fire,” and “The Lutheran Journal.”

Links to her short stories may be found on her website:

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Genre – Literary Fiction (PG13)



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