Monday, September 23, 2013

Yvonne Jones – Yes, We Still Get Homesick Sometimes!

Yes, We Still Get Homesick Sometimes! 

by: Yvonne Jones

It hit me really hard today. I’m not exactly sure why, but I believe it had something to do with having seen a picture of my mom on Facebook today. I just wanted to go home and hug her. Circumstances, things, and people change so very much throughout the seasons. And those changes are mostly visible if one hasn’t had a chance to observe or see them for a while. I haven’t seen my mom in almost 2 years, so those changes and differences in appearance really sunk in today…

While Military Families’ first year away from home is usually the hardest for most, it is by no means the last and only year we feel that way. Even those of us who have moved many times still feel sad during the adjustment to a new place.

One of the most important aspects of civilian life that a Military Family as a whole misses out on is regular contact with their immediate families. And while we yearn to remain close and connected to our parents and siblings, our relationships mainly rest on conversations over the phone and internet, and on the hope that your loved ones will come and visit you from time to time, despite the fact that you live far away.

Over the years we made friends that go through similar circumstances and that have similar experiences. Everyone goes through it. It’s simply part of life and part of growing up. But just because everyone else goes through it, doesn’t make it any easier, am I right?

When I am feeling homesick here in the land of heat and humidity, I listen to some music that reminds me of home. Being from Germany, I usually grab one of my favorite CD’s from Herbert Grönemeyer (, put it in the CD player, and turn up the volume. It brings me back to my childhood, family, and friends…

Despite our constant nomadic lifestyle, we still get homesick. As your child, friend, or anyone else you love and care for leaves for a deployment, is reassigned or moving, know that they too may struggle with the feeling of homesickness. And while Military Families try to live by the very well-known phrase “Home is where the Military sends us,” the true home in our hearts is still where our families, friends, and childhood memories are.

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