Thursday, October 31, 2013

Jack Canon’s American Destiny (Excerpt) by Greg Sandora @gregsandora

“That would be funny, the Wicked Witch of the West. You
can print that she definitely doesn’t have a crush. But anything else,
you wait until you get the okay from me.”
“Jack, why would you make me wait, you could capitalize on
a story like this while you’re in Maine.”
“Lexi, Maine is like my backyard. We have a home up there. I
want to win the state so big. When you do report what I’ll give you,
this race will be all over.”
“You know I want it, Jack, just let me know the minute I can
use it.”
“I’ll tell you now; it will be the day after we win Maine. Our
buses are on their way right now, and will be joined by a third when
they get there.”
“Why are you adding another bus?”
“One will be for staffers and the most favorable press, and the
rear bus will be for other press. Bud and the gang will be up front
with me.”
“Speaking of buses Jack I got quite the ribbing from the press
core about the two hours I spent interviewing with you up front.”
“Why it was all innocent enough?”
“Jack it was because of that Daphne chick you have working
with the press. She stood right at the door to your bus after I went in
and told everyone, ‘The senator is not to be disturbed.’”
I belly laughed and Lexi joined in, “You’ll have to get used to
that, Miss Exclusive. I’ve heard the rumors. They’re just pissed at you
because Daphne’s job is to keep the interviews to fifteen minutes.”
In fact, Daphne and I had a code worked out. She comes back
and says the next appointment is ready. If I object, she insists we keep
things moving so we can get to everyone, she knows to get rid of
whomever I’m with.
Honestly, we could give a crap about getting to anyone; we
only feed the good press. If I say nothing then she waits another five
minutes and it goes like that until I object.
“Lexi her standing orders are - when you’re on the bus – no
other press - everyone clears out.”
“That’s why everyone’s pissed off at me. Who is Daphne
anyway? She is sooo intimidating. All the women hate her and the
guys are going gaga and can’t stop talking about her. It’s like we’re
all in Junior High again. She has a knack for making people feel like
crap just walking up to her.”
“Not you Lexi.”
“Really Jack? Do you want to know what it feels like for me
approaching her?”
“I can’t believe you would even care Lexi.”
“Jack it freaking feels like everyone has a copy of the latest
Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition and is comparing me to it. Seeing
her gets everyone off their game. The men—even some of the big
time guys are tongue-tied talking to her—it’s sort of funny. On the
bus, behind her back it’s like a locker room, the testosterone and male
bravado, but when they get face to face with her, they melt.”
“How would you know what it’s like in a locker room?” I
“You never told me who she is, and I didn’t really want to
bring her up when I was with you in Florida. Is she a model, an
I wouldn’t have gotten away with it face to face, but over the
phone, she...

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Genre – Political Thriller

Rating – PG

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