Sunday, November 24, 2013

#AmReading - Snow Fence Road by Phyllis Edgerly Ring @phyllisring

Snow Fence Road by Phyllis Edgerly Ring


A village on the coast of Maine holds painful secrets—
the kind only the miracle of new love can heal.
Tormented by her fiancĂ©’s death, Tess Johansen escapes to the only place that can still comfort her—the Spinnaker Inn in coastal Maine. Here in this place by the sea she feels close enough to the man she lost to numb the pain, if not the guilt.
For local craftsman, Evan Marston, the ramshackle inn serves only as a grim reminder of the accident that shattered his life and killed the woman he once loved. But while the Spinnaker’s walls may hold guilt and grief and suspicion, they might also house a bright new spark.
Drawn together by a love they never expected, Tess and Evan begin to unravel the mysteries of their pasts and question the miracle at work in their wounded hearts—until one fateful evening along a snow fence road …


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