Tuesday, December 3, 2013

#AmReading - Jimmie Barnes by Barry Davis @barrycdavis

Jimmie Barnes by Barry Davis

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Who is Jimmie Barnes? Victim or murderer? Saint or sinner? Martyr or terrorist? Perhaps he is all of these, plus much more.
Jimmie Barnes is dying. After over 100 years of life, his time is short.
Jimmie has one mission, unfulfilled - the return of his father's hard earned 40 acres, awarded to the slave soldier at the end of the Civil War.
Over the decades Jimmie approaches the rich and famous, including all the American Presidents from Grant to Reagan in a quest to have the land returned.  He makes one president cry (Nixon), helps kill another (McKinley) and accepts the brotherhood of an unlikely ally ("brother" Ronnie Reagan).
Jimmie will do anything to obtain the 40 acres but his life-force ebbs.
Will Jimmie finally get back the 40 acres?


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