Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A Day in the Life of Nina Elaine Borum @ninaelaineb #Christian #NonFiction #MustRead

Before I wake up, I have probably already slept through 2 alarms. I actually set my clock ahead about an hour because I’m convinced I get more sleep this way. After my body realizes that the alarm is going off I hit snooze at least 3 times. I start praying in my head things like “God I’m so happy to be alive…God I want to go back to sleep! Lord, I’m so thankful for another day….God, can I just stay under the covers for another hour”. After going back and forth with God, I pull myself out of bed. I rarely sleep in past 8am, when I do it’s an extreme luxury.
I go straight to the living room to have my not so quiet time with God. My devotions as of late have included upbeat gospel music and dancing. Then I read a passage either from my YouVersion app or flip to the corresponding day in my One Year Bible.
Then I make a plan for the first half of the day. It usually includes updating my blog, writing an article for a guest post, researching blogs to follow, marketing tasks, planning social media updates for followers, writing some for my new books, writing video scripts, planning podcasts, conference calls, going to networking events, returning calls, emails, and a host of others things before I have to be at work by 1:15.
I use my commute to work as a time of thanksgiving. I turn off the radio and just tell the Lord all that things that come to my mind that I am thankful for. I started this ritual months ago and I am happy that it has become a natural habit. Once at work, I supervise and train staff over several afterschool school sites, oversee programming, connect with parents, have one on one coaching sessions with children and perform various administrative tasks.
When I get home in the evening I call my family in North Carolina, connect with friends on social media and then I crash and do it all again the next day!
Every so often I manage my time well enough to be able to enjoy the gym, read a book for pleasure and spend time with friends. Balance is something that I don’t think I’ve achieved fully but I am working towards it.
You didn't learn these prayers in Sunday school. Put your armor on, and get ready to see God move!
Do you ever get sick of praying? It's okay to admit. We all do. It is emotionally draining to beg God without ceasing. Christians often forget that under Christ's authority, we have the power to command God's promises to be released from heaven to earth and into our lives.
In Praying for Men of P.O.W.E.R., author Nina Elaine Borum challenges readers to stand confidently and command the promises of God for the men in your life. As someone who has struggled with prayer, Nina believes that God does not intend for his children to feel helpless in praying. His Word has instructed us in how to bring the kingdom of heaven to a world where Satan runs freely. We are all in the midst of a vicious spiritual battle, and Nina hopes this book will help you to fight on behalf of Christian men.
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