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Alana Cash – Dealing With Rejection

Dealing With Rejection

by Alana Cash

Sometimes, you can’t beat the funk when someone else wins the contest or their work gets chosen for publication or your younger sister is getting married and you are still single.  Or you get laid off or don’t get the job. Or you didn’t get invited to the party or got chosen last in the pickup dodgeball game.

You are beyond tears because this week or this year, besides the feeling that your talent has been rejected, you also have car problems, too many bills, relationship problems and not enough reason to celebrate.  Words like “always” and “never” roll through your head like an incoming tide.  Today is not just a bad-hair day; it’s a bad life day.

My advice, lay down on the floor.  Don’t ask me why it works, but it does.  It’s a fact that people cannot argue lying down – something about the way the brain works.  I’m not sure why, but laying on your back on the floor helps change your energy.  Just lay there for a while.

If you do not have time to do that or think it would freak out the store manager or your coworkers, then look around and for five minutes see what you like – I like the color of the wall, her shirt, his shirt, those flowers, I like the smell of this coffee, my perfume, the inside of this book, I like the sound of that music, the laughter I’m hearing, his voice, her voice.  Do not stop for five minutes even if someone tries to interrupt you – continue by incorporating it into the conversation.  Can you sign this check? I’d love to.  What do you want for lunch?  I’d love Caesar salad or tacos.  Is the laundry finished?  I love the smell of fresh laundry.  Continue for five minutes and see where you are.

If you want to reinforce your thoughts, try engaging your senses.  Here are some YouTube videos to watch and listen to (eat a little chocolate or popcorn while watching to engage smell, taste and touch).

Music:  Judy Garland sings “Come On Get Happy”  (got some fun 1960s dancing men to add enjoyment)

Jitterbug dancers extraordinaire: – from the movie Hellzapoppin’

Standup Comedy:

A funny video about animals:

You will either lift your mood entirely or you will eventually start to cry which will dislodge the permanence of the mood.


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