Friday, September 13, 2013

Excerpt: The Benjamin Chronicles: Relativity by Matthew DiConti

“Most people still think of time travel as science fiction, the kind of thing you only see in movies or read about in books. What the majority of people fail to realize is, time travel is a reality. I admit, even I was skeptical about the possibilities, despite having been fascinated by it for most of my life. This exhibit was going to change everything.”

“Conal, I was beginning to think you had nearly gone dead inside. It’s nice to see you so passionate about something. Looks like I’ve found what makes you tick.”

Conal grinned sheepishly. “It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to talk about this with anyone.”

“Well, go on. I didn’t mean to interrupt. It’s just nice to see you so open and lively.”

“There I was, at the entrance to the exhibit. I hadn’t been this excited about anything in a long time. I made my way through, checking out so many brilliant displays. They were fascinating. There were experiments utilizing various mediums for optical illusions, star wars military applications, life science genetics experiments, DNA mapping—literally rows of experiments.

“As I examined the exhibits, an old friend spotted me. Her name was Colleen Jackson. She was a beauty. Platinum blond hair, emerald green eyes, athletic. Physically, she was perfect. For some reason, Colleen always seemed to be into me but I never gave her a shot. I was always too wrapped up in my studies and…” Conal’s voice trailed off. Even now, it hurt him to say it.

“And there was someone else, wasn’t there?”

“Yes, there was someone else. It was silly, really. She was a girl I knew in high school. We had never even dated, just had a couple of classes together. She was beautiful. There always seemed to be a sadness about her, though. Maybe that’s what I liked about her. Anyway, I never could quite get over her, and for years, I measured every other woman I met against her.”

“What was her name?”

“Abby.” Conal briefly fidgeted around in his chair. “Can we get back to the story? We’re getting ahead of ourselves.”

“Abby, what a lovely name. Oh yes, of course. I’m sorry. Go on.”

“Colleen was excited to see me, way more than she should have been. Every time she had attempted to get together with me, I’d blown her off for one reason or another. This time, though, it was going to be different.

“I can still catch the scent of Colleen’s sharp perfume, lingering around us as she reached up to hug me. The subtle twinge of electricity I felt when she touched me.


Conal Benjamin never let the love of his life Abigail Bradley know of his romantic feelings for her. Years of living with that regret haunted Conals life and left him with an emptiness in his heart. In one serendipitous moment they are reunited at an alumni science exhibit giving Conal a second chance but in a cruel twist of fate Conal’s triggers an unexpected chain of events sending Abby and himself through a wormhole to 1888 Whitechapel, London, the time and place of one of the most horrifying serial killers in history, Jack the Ripper. With the time machine lost and Conal and Abby separated, the fate of both of their lives hang in the balance. Nothing is what it appears to be and it’s up to Conal to unravel the mysteries that await him, before it’s too late.

“I could not put this cleverly crafted paranormal fiction novel down. I can’t wait to go on the next time travel journey with Benjamin! It would make for a great TV Series/Feature Film. Out of 5 stars I give it 6!”   - Kelly V. Dolan, NBC News Radio

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Genre - Paranormal Fiction

Rating – NC17

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