Thursday, September 12, 2013

#Free #AmReading - Masters' Mysterium: Wisconsin Dells by R.R. Reynolds

Masters' Mysterium: Wisconsin Dells by RR Reynolds
Genre – Fantasy
Rating – PG13
4.4 (10 reviews)
Free until 16 September 2013

In the distance the Beast noticed the fisherman that Azael had pointed out earlier was now running down the center of Main Street towards the fight. A mist began swirling around him that quickly turned into a rotating cloud that continued to brighten. The Beast watched the man as he was enveloped in the whirlwind. Lightning crackled across the boulevard, bouncing between streetlamps as thunder shattered shop windows, raining glass upon the ground. Accompanying the storm was the sound of the roadway being reduced to rubble under the rhythm of a syncopated pile driver. Over the din another sound could be heard, one that it had forgotten about for so long--the battle cry of the cherubim. The cloud parted and the Beast realized that all hope was gone.


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