Monday, November 4, 2013

The Colors of Friendship by K R Raye @KRRaye

Fortuitous Bumps 3
Melody checked her watch and then she did a sharp double-take.  How had four hours slipped past so quickly?  She couldn’t believe how fast she and Kevin had broken the ice.  They connected at once and talked, really talked, about everything: classes, parents, friends, dreams, and fears.  She felt a twinge of anxiety at the thought of their easy, refreshing evening coming to an end.  However, with the lateness of the hour she knew Imani would be worried.  “Oh my God, I need to get home before my roommate summons a search party.”
Kevin glanced at his watch.  “It’s 2:20?  Wow, I can’t believe you seduced me like that!”
“Yeah, right, you were definitely the one seducing me, making me lose track of time.”  She placed one hand over her chest and held the other by her head pretending to faint.  With her best Southern drawl she pronounced, “I was totally enraptured by your charm and captivated by your charisma, kind Sir.”
“Oh brother!”  Kevin laughed.  “Could you have been any further over the top?”  He stood, assisted Melody with her shoes and coat, threw on his jacket, and grabbed his books.  “Well, seeing as I’m such a gentleman, I have no choice but to walk you home, Little Lady.”
“Thank you, fine Sir.”  Melody accepted Kevin’s hand and he helped her downstairs.
They strolled out of the Union arm in arm into the cool, crisp night.  Neither talked, but instead smiled at each other from time to time.  The bright moon guided their steps along the path and Melody swore the stars winked down on them.  They arrived at her dorm room far too soon.  Reluctantly she released Kevin’s arm to wish him a good night.
Before she could say a word, he swooped in close.  Their noses almost touched and she could feel his breath tickle the fine little hairs above her lip.  He leaned down so their foreheads touched and he placed a protective arm around her shoulders.  “I know I’m being too forward, but I’ve told you more about myself tonight, than any ten friends know combined.  You sparked something in me when you knocked me down.  And I would be a little annoyed if you didn’t share these intense feelings—the ones consuming me now.”
Transfixed, Melody stood motionless at a loss for words.  Never before had she kissed a guy she just met, but she felt it inevitable.  Her heart leapt in her chest and the anticipation killed.
Kevin took her silence as acquiescence and teased her anxious lips with his soft kisses.  She couldn’t believe how magical the moment felt.  Her tongue willingly probed and parted his lips and then did a hesitant, searching dance with his minty tongue.  Her heart couldn’t stand much more and she pushed back, shocked that her lips were reluctant to follow.  She glanced at Kevin for a fleeting moment and rushed inside, closing the door behind her, not slowing until she had raced up the two flights to her room.  Only then, did she trust herself enough to stop.
Kevin probably thought she was a fool for running off leaving him standing there.  But sudden urges had overtaken her when they kissed and she wasn’t sure she could have stopped herself if she hadn’t left then and there.  What on earth was wrong with her?  This felt wonderful yet scary.  A guy had never affected her like this.  Deep inside, she couldn’t wait for more.  “Oh my, God, you’re such a harlot,” she mumbled to herself.  Taking a deep breath she unlocked the door and prayed Imani was asleep.
Colors of Friendship
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