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@AngieNewson Shares 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Her #Health #Fitness #NonFiction

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Angie Newson

1. She’s a Mediterranean mix: My father was from Cyprus and he came over to the UK at the age of 16. My mother is half–Italian. I can get by speaking Greek and I’m learning Italian.

2. She enjoys travelling immensely: Obviously from the fact that we didn’t travel anywhere as a child except to Margate!

3. She works out everyday: Whether it’s Pilates, yoga, gym, walking .... list is endless – I was pretty good at sports as a child and would always win my races on sports say and then was in the hockey team. However, my love of fitness started with the Jane Fonda craze. I was one of those in legwarmers, a headband and bare feet. I loved it. When the fitness industry started to rapidly grow, I taught Step and aerobics and presented across Europe. I must have attended every convention going at the time – especially the ones in the US. My passion for Pilates and yoga came later. I remember going to my first yoga class and thinking this isn’t for me – there’s no music and it’s too slow. I tried it again two years later and was ready then!

4. She’s been a exercise/mind/body teacher for over 23 years: From being inspired by a teacher I first went to, I did an Exercise to Music course and it led on from there. I am now an examiner in Exercise to Music.

5. She was a manager of a luxurious London health club: I started at this lovely club as an instructor and then looked after their schedules and workshops for about 7 years. It was part-time which fitted in with my life of having two growing children. As they grew, I took on more hours and became Assistant General Manager and then General Manager. I still help out when they get stuck and it’s fun to chat to members when I have ‘proper’ clothes on!

6. She taught aquatics: Her least favourite discipline to teach! Oh my goodness, this was the bane of my life and goodness knows how I taught it for so long – most likely because I genuinely believe in its benefits and also it attracted a delightful older crowd.

7. She isn’t a runner: And yet … completed her first 10k, first half–marathon and first marathon all in the same year: This happened rather by accident. I took my dog for a walk one glorious sunny Sunday morning and I just started jogging – and he joined me. We didn’t go that far as he was only about one at the time – but I became hooked and started running without him as well. Armed with headphones, it became quite meditative and was my thinking time. I solved my ‘problems’ whilst running and improved my heart fitness levels. I did the Richmond River Run and then the London half–marathon. Then my daughter’s friend, who is a runner, was doing the New York Marathon and we got two more people to join us and off we went. It was an amazing experience and I did really well for 18 miles and then slowed down. Running for me was never about achieving the best time – it was about doing something that I’d never done before.

8. She’s got to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro: After a rather sad romantic break–up, I decided to climb a mountain – again, just out of the blue. Six weeks later, I was at the top (it didn’t take 6 weeks, it took about 5 days!) My daughter, bless her, asked ‘Mum, was there a coffee shop at the top?!’ Actually there was sweet FA, except a load of toilet paper on the way up! An amazing experience though and one that changes you.

9. She’s sat in silence for 10 days!: OK, I know Vispassana meditation can be found all over the world and I picked the Sydney location (5 hours outside, by train) – but again an experience that changes one’s being. I’ve never been able to sit still for longer than 10 minutes and here I was, sitting for 10 hours for 10 days. No books, no TV, no phones, no pens, no eye contact, no speaking – absolutely nothing. I’m not sure how I did it – but once you’re in the zone, you don’t want to leave it.

10. She drinks gallons of green tea:  I gave up coffee over 8 years ago. I could never just have one cup – so stopped it dead and switched to green tea. My friends always know what to buy me for my birthday. There’s some great tea shops in Marylebone High Street, London, and love all the different types of green teas available. I have a habit though of just topping up my cup on and off whilst I’m at my PC rather than brewing a new cup each time.


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