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Five things you didn’t know about Voicu Mihnea Simandan

Five things you didn’t know about Voicu Mihnea Simandan

1. I’m a Bangkok-based Romanian writer

I was born in 1978 in Arad, a small city in western Transylvania, Romania, in Eastern Europe. My father is a journalist and an author with tens of books of non-fiction and poetry published under his name. In 2002, I moved to Thailand to work as a secondary school teacher and continue my graduate studies. NowI live with my Thai wife in Bangkok where I teach Language Arts and Social Studies at an international school.

2. I’m both a fiction and non-fiction writer

I write both non-fiction and fiction literature. My non-fiction work is designed to entertain and inform my readership in the areas of travel, sports and literature. The short stories I have published so far and the novels I’m working on right now are mostly for my personal entertainment. Also, non-fiction articles bring in real cash and a steady flow of readers to my blog while my fiction has remained my writing-for-the-love affair. However, in the future, I also hope to be able to gain some financial benefits from my fictional literature too.

3. I get my inspiration from… everywhere

Inspiration comes from everywhere: from the newspapers, magazines and books I read; from (in)significant events in my everyday life; and from the conversations I have with the people I end up interacting with. There’s an abundance of things around us that a writer can use as a source of inspiration. All you need to do is keep an open mind, be a good listener and be organized enough to jot down as soon as possible the ideas that cross your mind.

4. I write (almost) every day

I write almost every day, with huge bursts of productivity during my school holidays when I don’t have to go to work. But I do manage to squeeze in at least one hour of writing every weekday, mostly writing non-fiction articles for a Bangkok-based magazine and my blog. These are two sources that bring a steady income and the articles I publish on my blog also attract new readers. I make sure that my website is reader-friendly and easy to browse so that when a new reader lands on my page, he or she can easily have access to both my non-fiction and fiction work. Most of my non-fiction articles are available for free, while my short stories and other works of fiction are available at affordable prices. I usually work on my novels or short stories at the weekends, when I wake up early in the morning and write one or two thousand words on my work in progress. I leave emails, social media and blogging for the afternoon!

5. I (almost) never lose my temper

I am a very patient person and I rarely get angry or lose my temper. I think this character strength of mine has mostly been shaped over the years by  my interest in martial arts. I have been practicing aikido, a Japanese martial art, since high school and losing one’s temper goes completely against the philosophy of O-Sensei, the founder of aikido. Also, I am an Olympicstyle archer and archery is a sport of accuracy that requires a high level of concentration and the ability to remain cool in very tense situations.

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