Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Anniversary of the Veil by Vanna Smythe


At dusk, the other Highers started gathering in the central valley, waiting amid the sand dunes, dark brown now under the purple colored sky. Rhyssa floated above them until she was sure most of them had gathered, then materialized in their midst. Idryl thanked them all for coming then allowed Rhyssa to speak. 

"I have a proposition to place before you," Rhyssa began, her voice shaky, uncertain. Several of the Highers in the back rows yelled for her to speak up. 

Rhyssa willed her essence body to grow until she stood twice as tall as the rest. "I wish to call Amorannyn and ask him to explain why he has not yet brought us home. If we all agree, Idryl will call him and pose the question!"

"Amorannyn speaks to us when he wants to!" a Higher Rhyssa could not see yelled. 

Several others voiced their agreement. 

"We have no right to demand anything of him!"

Rhyssa turned towards the voice. "I do not want to make demands of him. I merely wish to know why he has not yet brought us home as he promised."

"You always were a feisty one, Rhyssa. It would do you good to learn some patience," an older Higher, Syd, said. "You are not a princess here." 

Several laughed, but Rhyssa ignored them, her essence body crackling from the effort of remaining calm. "If we all called for him, joined together and pleaded with him to answer, he would. Just to know! It is no imposition to desire knowledge of our future."

Syd became a purple giant, mimicking Rhyssa's form. "We are all here and all whole and complete. Amorannyn said he would let us return home once that happens and he will. We just have to be patient. You have only been back here a short time, Rhyssa. Calm yourself and wait. Learning more patience will only do you good."

Rhyssa willed her essence body to separate into two, becoming Issa and her other half. "I am not whole. And I believe this is the reason why Amorannyn has not yet called us home. We must ask him what will be next."

The air above the gathered Highers crackled and bristled. 

"We are whole!"

"And complete!"

"Girl, do not speak such falsehoods!"

"I know I am not whole!" Rhyssa retorted. "We have spoken of this before. For some reason, we are never whole right after we return here after a Joining in the Lessers' world." 

Another of the older Highers, wearing an essence body of pure yellow light rose into the air. "I agree with Rhyssa. My own Joining occurred not long ago. I can be whole, but I can't stay whole. You know of what I speak. Perhaps it is something to do with the crude way in which the Joinings are forced by the Lessers."

"All that is only conjecture. And we all become whole eventually," another Higher yelled.

Rhyssa's cousin, a being of pale blue light rose above the crowd. "I too am not whole."

Several others floated up after her while proclaiming the same. Rhyssa counted fifty of them.

Sparks crackled on Syd's giant essence body. "Patience! That is all you need. Wait a bit and you will all be whole!"

Idryl rose up next to Syd. "This discussion is leading nowhere. We cannot know why it takes a little while before you all become truly whole. Amorannyn knows, perhaps, and I second Rhyssa's proposal to ask him. Hers was supposed to be the last Joining before we return home. Yet we are still here." 

Idryl's voice rained on them like a spring shower. "I cannot force you to make this decision so go now and think on her words, make your own decisions. But I will call another meeting soon, so that we may vote on the matter."

They dispersed, some muttering and others glaring. Idryl turned to Rhyssa. "You do know that just calling Amorannyn does not mean he will answer?"

Rhyssa looked up at the darkening sky of their cage. "I do. But what else can we do?"

She let herself become a river of light and floated into the shimmering darkness above them, blending with the brilliant multicolored dots that appeared as night fell. The dots were her family and friends in the Lands of the Higher. But there wasn't a single red star bright enough to be her Kraytan because her true mate, the one and only, was alone in the Lessers' world. And Rhyssa did not know if he could ever return from there.


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