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What Inspired Me to Write My Book, IF I FORGET YOU

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am forgetful. I’ve even lost friends over it. I used to think this was a bad thing, but then I realized it’s just a part of life. People come and go in our lives, and I think it’s important to realize we are all going to hurt each other at some point, but we can also help and love each other along the way too.

IF I FORGET YOU came out of an experience I used to bury deep inside of me. In fact, it’s an experience I’m still not quite over, even after writing a whole novel inspired by it. It wasn’t the single experience, but a culmination of several similar experiences, ending in that one, that really sparked the idea. My publisher at the time told me I should write a story based on one of my greatest faults, and I immediately thought of my forgetfulness because of these recent experiences. They all happened to be me blaming myself for losing friends because of things I’d forgotten to do. In some cases, the friends blamed me outright, but in others I kind of heaped on the blame all by myself.

My main character in the novel, Avery, likes to blame herself too. She blames herself for stealing away her best friend’s boyfriend. She blames herself for being a loner. She blames herself for her forgetfulness. The key is that many of those things are her fault, to an extent. The one thing I’ve discovered in my own experiences is that there is no black and white, but most of all, that blame doesn’t get you very far, especially when it’s blame on yourself.

I’m not as forgetful as Avery, but I do keep constant lists like she does. I’ve mixed up several people before, mistaking several people for one person, etc. It can happen, and it’s comical and sad at the same time. Because of all this, I thought it might be therapeutic to sit down and write a story based on these things I’ve always thought of as my biggest faults: my blaming myself, my forgetfulness, my anger with other people for not accepting my faults. Writing the book really was therapeutic, too, but it didn’t solve everything for me. I don’t think anything but time and constant self-evaluation can do that.

Now that my novel is finally out there for the world to see, I’ve been a little reluctant to actually market the dang thing. But I know even if only a few people read the book, I’ll have done something good with my own experiences and creativity. That accounts for a lot, especially when I might one day forget the experiences that inspired the entire endeavor to begin with …

“Beautiful prose, interesting characters, and sizzling romance make this book simply unforgettable. I adored it.” – Kasie West, author of The Distance Between Us
“Avery may have a bad memory, but I will never forget this book.” – Natalie Whipple, author of House of Ivy & Sorrow
“Achingly sweet and beautiful, If I Forget You stole my romantic reader heart.” – Cassie Mae, bestselling author of Switched
Avery Hollister is a little more than absentminded. She has trouble remembering faces, names, and dates without her piles of lists and Post-it notes. When she heads off to college it takes her a week to realize the guy she’s crushing on is, in fact, three different guys. With a faulty memory and three men who have no idea she’s mixed them up, Avery doesn’t know how to fix the mess she’s made. But she knows she has to try, even if it means losing a love not even she could forget.
**If I Forget You is considered clean New Adult/Young Adult fiction appropriate for adults and young adults. It contains adult themes and issues.**
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